The Murder of King Tut

I am not necessarily a reader of non-fiction, so I was a little bit surprised with myself when I picked up The Murder of King Tut by James Patterson. But this did not read like a “normal” non fiction book. Mr. Patterson worked with Martin Dugard and did an amazing amount of research on both King Tut and Howard Carter, the man who discovered Tut’s tomb.

I found this book to be riveting. I was thoroughly entranced with the love story between the young Tutankhamen and his bride. Even more amazing was the story of the trials and tribulations of Howard Carter and how much trouble he went through before he actually found the tomb.
This was a really good book to read, and it fed my fascination with Egyptology just enough that I’m ready to find a ticket to the traveling King Tut exhibit. 🙂 If you don’t generally like non-fiction, this is a good book to read.