Proving a Negative

Okay, bear with me here. I’m still trying to figure this all out and get my brain wrapped around it.

My husband said the most amazing thing to me. It was so simple and yet so profound and it really made me change my way of thinking. He said, “It’s hard to prove a negative.” (Like in geometry type proofs.)

Which got me to thinking about other things that we say negatively. Such as an evolutionist might say “God did NOT create the world.” Or a creationist might say “The Big Bang did NOT happen.” Neither one of us can prove the not, so why can’t they both be right? Maybe God created the Big Bang.

I’ve long known that when you come to certain aspects of science, you just have to take a leap of faith. I don’t believe God will allow certain aspects of creation to be discovered. For example: Dinosaur bones. If God created all the animals, and the world has been around for roughly 6000 years, then why do dinosaur bones say they are millions of years old. I think that’s something God will not allow us to discover. At least not in my lifetime to where I would understand it.

But I’ve struggled in taking that leap where it seems to go against what little evidence I had. I found it very easy to understand the theory of evolution and when discussing animals going from kingdom to kingdom, it was easy to see the patterns and probabilities of evolution. But my faith… no, my religion said that was impossible.

With this statement, that is hard to prove a negative, I feel free. I am able to join both my faith and my science, and allow them to walk hand in hand.

That is amazing to me.

I know I have all of 5 blog readers. That’s okay. If you want, feel free to leave a comment to agree or disagree. I don’t mind. (But I reserve the right to turn off comments if it gets nasty.)



One thought on “Proving a Negative

  1. In your mind the world might be 6000 years old, but in God's eyes each one of those years might have taken a million years to happen.

    I'm not one to try to explain God's work, but in my head I know he did a darn good job of making it all work together….what diffence does it matter how many years it's been.

    I still want to know why he created mosquitoes and sandburs!

    Oh..BTW..I'm happy to be one of your FIVE readers!


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