I have decided…

I have decided that this year for Christmas, I will do all of my shopping at Target. “Why?” you may ask. Or if you are more like me, you would ask, “Why are you talking about Christmas when last week was Halloween?”

Therein lies the answer. Last week was Halloween. Thanksgiving is in 3 short weeks. THANKSGIVING, people. NOT Christmas. Christmas comes in the month of December, NOT November. And while some people like Christmas and enjoy it, I like Thanksgiving. I WANT MY THANKSGIVING!

So back to why I’m going to be shopping exclusively at Target. The answer is simple. Out of the 40 or 50 commercials I watched last night, only one was for Thanksgiving. Target. Everything else…. and I literally mean everything, was for Christmas.

Thank you Target, for giving me my moment of sanity in an insane world of commercialism. (Although, after going to your website to link to in this post, I almost considered not posting, seeing how you have Christmas ads all over.)

Bah Humbug,