Halloween Pictures

So, I’ve been hearing good things about a little photo editing software called Picnik lately. Then Mrs. Fussypants decided to host a little contest after you try the stuff out. A contest and pictures? Count me in.

Here’s me in what would have once been a dream come true. (I used to read Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles all. the. time. I read Bram Stoker’s Dracula in one night. At midnight of course. Silly me.)

And then, because I love my husband so, I decided to do our wedding pictures as zombies. I don’t know that it succeeded too well, but it was fun to try.

If you like playing around with your pictures, let me remind you to always save your new creation as something other than your original photo, or else you will have a true nightmare on your hands. (Trust me on this. I’m speaking from experience.)

Happy Halloween!