So I seem to go in spurts when I’m posting. I don’t mean to. It just ends up that way.

Music. It soothes the savage beast. It calms a baby, warms a heart, moves you in ways you never anticipate. Some say the universal language is math. I say it’s music.

I am participating in a production of Handel’s “Messiah.” If you ever have the opportunity to do the same, you should. I have been so out of practice, and it’s been really nice singing in a choir again.

But to the real point of this post. My friend Jeff is in the middle of his Master’s capstone project. As someone who was always involved in music in school, you wouldn’t expect his Master’s to be anything less. Today, he “released” 3 of his songs.

They are amazing. Simply amazing.

Not only has Jeff’s voice matured over the years, his lyrics are extremely thought provoking. His style is a little bit of everything I like rolled into one, and I’m actually shocked that I didn’t remember he plays the piano as well.

Go to his blog, read the lyrics, listen to the music. Be prepared to be moved.


P.S. I put a music player up in my sidebar. Hopefully it works. 😉