Vaile Mansion

There are a group of quilters that meet at my church building. This group had been asked to take some of their quilts and display them in the Vaile Mansion in town. Just for the record, this house is AMAZING! It is so beautiful and antique and gorgeous and jaw dropping amazing.

I got to take some of my quilts too. I thought it was sort of neat to see my contemporary type pieces displayed among the Victorian furniture. LOL So here’s my collection of quilts at the Vaile Mansion.

The patriotic signature quilt I made for Dale while he was deployed. It’s underneath the blue and white one. This is the “water tower” room. It was used as a sort of breakfast nook.
The Waffle House Challenge from my guild in Georgia. I thought it went perfectly on the cast iron stove in the kitchen.
A close up shot of my Waffle House quilt. We had some good lighting that day. This piece is called “Tighten the Tension.” Francie, the unofficial leader of the group told me that one of the ladies who leads tours in the mansion called her after we got through arranging everything to tell her that there was a piece falling off, and she was sorry that she may have damaged the quilt already. I had a good laugh. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. 🙂

This is a quilt my grandmother made.

This is the very first quilt I ever finished. Doesn’t it just look darling in the “red parlour?”

This quilt is also in the red room. Marie and Sarah and I did this for a Christmas project one year. I would like to try it again sometime.

Irony: Having your own version of “Crazy Quilt” put in the fancy shmancy music parlour where it sticks out like a sore thumb.

Momma’s English Garden Window quilt got put under a fancy bowl. It looks good from this angle. (In case you don’t know this, I’m always practicing my photography skills.)

This is my Stained Glass Window Quilt. This one has the honor of hanging in the very front entryway, so the sun can shine through it. It looks really cool there, I think.

A close up shot showing how you can see the backside of the stained glass when the sun is shining brightly.

My Storm At Sea. I still love these colors.

It got placed on the dining room table. It’s odd, but it felt like it belonged there.

My Baby Blue Rails Quilt. Another one of my first quilts. Doesn’t it look gorgeous draped over that wonderful comfy cozy chair?

This quilt deserves a post of it’s own really. This is the Blooming 9 Patch my mother made. It is probably one of the last full size quilts she completed. She made several others, but the quilting wasn’t finished or the piecing isn’t completely done, or the backs are not put on, or the binding…. This is my quilt now. This is one of the only times I’ve had it open all the way to display, and I knew it needed a bed to be on.

The room is perfect. I love this room. I want to live in this room with this quilt and this lamp and these curtains and shutters.

A different shot. You can see the king size quilt on the full size bed.
Natural Lighting.
Flash Lighting…. I think I’ll stick with Natural light. 😉

Anyway, those are my quilts. If anyone comes to town before the end of October, I’ll take you to the Vaile and I’ll show you all my quilts in person. 🙂