I have mentioned before my recent obsession with an itouch/iphone game called Kingdoms Live, and how I live in a realm of my own creation. The name of my forest is Evendar, and my elvish name is Miranna. A group of my friends from this game have decided to set up an inn to tell stories and share more about our characters, since the game only allows 500 characters at a time. If you’re interested in some creative and fun tidbits, you really need to visit The Mare & Thistle.

We have so many talented people in our group. We have a story teller extraordinare, who is really the brains behind M&T, who is also creates these beautiful wood pieces. We have a professional artist. We have a professional singer, who also happens to be writing a book. (I can’t tell you what it’s about, because I promised, but I can tell you, it’s GOOD!) All in all, we have a good time inventing this world for each other, and playing our parts in it.

I have been itching to pick up my paints again. So when I discovered that we were adding an artwork section, I had a good excuse to do just that.

This is my first painting in so many years, I’m surprised it looked this good. This is without a fan brush.
But I knew I could do better. Let’s just say, I learned alot from the first picture that I applied in the second picture. Especially after a trip to Joann’s for a correct brush.

Much better, don’t you think? I know I still have a lot to learn, but I’ve had so much fun painting and mixing colors. My next idea is to take one of my lily pictures and somehow paint that, but something like an extreme close up. I don’t know. I know I will have fun though.

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