The Fourth of July – Fireworks

For the first time in many years (or possibly ever), our town was allowed to shoot fireworks within the city limits on July 3rd and 4th. (of course, that didn’t stop our neighbors from shooting them All.Week.Long, but that’s a different story.)

My daddy ran a fireworks stand for several summers. I grew up shooting so many fireworks out in the country. Very rarely did we go to a professional show. So we had to have at least sparklers.

This is the one fountain we got, called “Dancing Butterfly.”
I love how the sparklers leave trails with the camera.

Little Bit was a little nervous. This was her first sparkler and she was a bit afraid of it.

But she got over it and “danced with fire.” Why does that send shivers down my spine?

Photo conundrum: Do you use the action setting to get the child or the night setting to get the sparkler?

Dale decided to do 2 at one time. Silly boy. 🙂

Sweet Pea also liked “dancing with fire” or “dancing like a butterfly.”

I think this may be the best shot of the evening. Somehow, Little Bit sat still long enough so that she’s not super blurry. But the sparkler is showing it’s trails. I don’t know. The wonder on her face just captures the whole evening to me.

Well, that’s our fireworks celebration. It wasn’t big, but we had fun and enjoyed it. 🙂