Flower Garden

I thought you might like to see my flower garden. I’m continually amazed at the variety and beauty in God’s creation. The first set of pictures are from the “butterfly and hummingbird” seed mix that the girls and I planted. It sort of looks like a patch of weeds from this distance.
But up close and personal it looks a lot different.

This is an interesting flower. I wish I knew the name of it.

I can’t wait to see if the hummingbirds are actually attracted to these flowers. If not, then I hope we get a rainbow of butterflies.
Then there are the plants that were in place when we moved in. I had no idea what any of them were. Except for the rosebush on the side.
What I first thought was an ornamental bush or grass turned out to be lilies. A very unique red.
Then there’s a bush behind the airconditioner. This is actually the third color that’s come out on the same bush. The first set was an orange, with a dark orange ring in the middle. Then the second set was a darker purple than the picture above. And the last set (maybe) is this pink color. So interesting. I don’t know if it’s the same bush or three different plantings.

(Practicing my macro shots)

And then there’s lantana. I was told to cut down the spiky green parts. Except they bloomed before I got to it. I wonder if the person who told me that knows that this is a flower?

(More macro practice)

And that’s my flower garden. I hope you enjoyed the tour. 😀

One thought on “Flower Garden

  1. love you pics! on the one you wanted to know the name of….the one above the question is a zinnia and the one below is a batchelor's button since i could not tell which you were asking about! Also, the bottom pics are not lantanas but instead hostas. Lantanas are have much showier flowers that are usually red/ornage/yelllow. there is a pic of lantana's here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Lantana_blossom.jpg i hope that works for you!


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