Guess what? I like baseball. I don’t know how it started. Maybe it was playing t-ball and softball when I was a kid. Maybe it started with the first professional game I attended with a now gone friend. Maybe it started with my mom’s love of the Cardinals. Maybe it started with the Cards winning the world series the summer she passed away.

Regardless, I like baseball.

I have asked and asked to attend a game ever since we moved back to KC. 3 years in November. One game a summer, is that too much to ask? So, Dale surprised me with tickets to the Royals for July 4th. I was excited.

We had good seats.

It was Little Bit’s first game. (But in hindsight, she should wait until she can sit still before she attends another one.)

This is DeJesus at bat.

He really didn’t seem to do so well this game. Can you see the ball flying in this picture?

Little Bit loved all the sights and sounds. She even loved Slugger. But she couldn’t sit still.

Oh yeah. It was Sweet Pea’s first game too. 😀 She seemed to really like it, but she got hot and tired. This picture is at the end of the game when she is pooped. I really enjoyed explaining the little I know about baseball to her.

The best part of the game? The Royals won. 😀