The Potter

I recently had the priviledge of travelling to Eureka Springs, AR with my mother in law. She took a group of Senior Saints, and I was the “chaperone.” While we were there, we attended The Great Passion Play.

At 7:00, before the show starts, there is a little talk off the main buildings called Parables of the Potter. In this talk, the potter, Joe Smith, throws a pot. While doing so, he is talking about it. He talks about how he is placing the foot of the vessel on the rock to center it. He talks about forming the heart of the vessel and placing his fingerprints on it. He talks about the lip of the vessel and how what is in the heart comes out of the lip. He talks about going through the kiln and the firey trials to come out harder, stronger and more pure.

He compares our earthly vessels that God has given us to these simple clay vessels he makes. He uses more scripture than I can even think of.

Oh Lord, I have run dry, and now I understand why. I have not filled myself with your living waters. I beg of you to form me and shape me into a vessel worthy of serving you. I ask you to fill my heart with your words and your fingerprints. Please set my foot upon the Rock of Ages, and center me until I am one with you. Thank you Lord, for loving me enough to show me that I am dry. In Jesus’s holy name, Amen


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