Seed Experiment

***warning: this post is heavy with pictures***

So, we decided to homeschool next year. I’m beginning to understand that it’s not so much “follow this textbook, this cirriculum, these rules” as much as it is teaching your kids how to learn, and taking advantage of learning opportunities as they present themselves.

One Sunday, Little Bit and I were outside on our porch, playing with the maple seeds. I was showing her how the helicopters fly and just sort of segued into seeds, and how there are all sorts of seeds. We talked about maple seeds, and dandelion seeds, and came inside and ate an apple after seeing apple seeds.

We talked about how to make a plant grow, you need a seed, dirt, water, and light. There was even a real cute little video story that we watched, that I would provide a link to…. if I had bookmarked it.

Then we planted some greenbean seeds. 4 to be exact. We planted one with a seed, dirt, water, and light. Then one we wrapped in a damp paper towel, but it didn’t have dirt. One didn’t get water, and one didn’t get light.

First, we had to move our rainbow maker out of the window sill. This makes beautiful rainbows around 9:30 in the morning.
You should have seen the excitement when we realized the seeds were poking up. This is the seed that had dirt, water, light, and of course a seed. This is about 8:30 or so that morning.

Little better picture of the same seed. At one point, I came into the kitchen to cook, and found dirt in the sink. I had to laugh just a bit, because this plant was making a mess! 😉

I feel really sorry for this one. It didn’t get any light. And I may have over watered it. It just looks sad.

But imagine my surprise when I realized the one that didn’t get water had a root showing? You can see it to the right of the pink sticky note label, near the bottom of the glass. I didn’t get a picture, but it wound itself all around the bottom of the glass.

This is the one that didn’t get “dirt.” We wrapped it in a damp towel and kept it moist.

Can you see it poking up through the towel there?

This picture isn’t too clear, but those are the roots of the “no dirt” seed poking out.

So, this is our first plant at about 10 pm that same night. OH MY WORD, it’s growing and growing fast!

Here’s the one in the towel that same night. It grew too!

And the next morning, we had LEAVES! (And more dirt in the sink, but I digress.)

This guy even managed to poke his head up.

All in all, I think this experiment was a rousing success. Although I’m a bit hard pressed to tell you who was more excited by the growing seeds: me or the kids.
The next thing we did was to take the seed in the paper towel and open it up and talk about the parts of plants: roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and seeds. Then we planted them all outside. Hopefully soon, I’ll have some pictures of greenbean plants to show you. 😀
Oh, and a lady in my guild gave me two baby baby tomato plants that we’re “growing.” Hopefully, Little Bit will be excited about these, too.

8 thoughts on “Seed Experiment

  1. What’s up girlfriend…I mean Cuz…as Rusty calls us.

    Guess who’s moving to Florida? Rusty, Dee, Vanessa and da’ boys. I’m so excited, I could cry with joy. Now I won’t be lonely for family any more. Dee is a “Besty” and Vanessa and I have a lot of domestic things in common. It’s gonna be great, Lord willing.

    Why don’t you move here too and let’s open a quilt store. 🙂


  2. Well Lovey, you don’t have a mama to praise you everyday and to talk you out of putting them back in school when you’re about to pull your hair out, like I do. My husband is supportive, but he is indifferent some what. He wouldn’t care if I put them back in school. My mom is my cheerleader and always says what a wonderful job I’m doing and to keep it up and hang in there, etc.

    I am so proud of you and wish I was as good as you. Sometimes, I think I can be a really horrible, sinful person and I envy you. LOL You’ll need lots of encouragement, so I’m just doin’ my part.

    Are you mad? xoxoxox

    BTW, we WILL be in Kansas City in July, Lord willing. For sure. For realz…plan some quilt store shopping.


  3. One thing I’ve always wanted to try was stick a pineapple in the ground and see what would happen. I need to research that, since we live in the (Lord forsaken) tropics.


  4. Hi Melinda! Welcome to the world of Homeschooling! I’ve homeschooled since the early 90’s. Still I homeschool my 11 yr. old son. Just from reading your blog, I have the feeling you’ll do great! I for one loved all the plant photos, for I am a visual learner! Oh and guess what? I found out this week that I live just around the corner from your cousin who goes by AllyJo! Can’t wait to meet her. I have her phone # now!


  5. Science was always my favorite “class” with my boys – we’ve homeschooled from the beginning, and although they’re teens now, I’m still loving it. Their curriculum is completely self-tutoring at this point, so I get to quilt all day. *G* It looks like you’re going to do fine! If you need any encouragement, advice, curriculum review or even prayer, head on over to – there are over 1200 pages on that site, and message boards for every topic. I found it when I first started researching, 12 years ago, and it’s been amazing. The ladies there have kept me going all this time!


  6. Hi Melinda! I read AllyJo’s blog and she mentioned that you are going to homeschooling. I thought I would stop by and congratulate you. I think you are making a wonderful decision. I’ll be honest in saying that there will be some trying days (I’ve been having my share lately,) but it really is rewarding and the one on one that they get homeschooling just can’t be beat!! Nice to meet you!! Jerelene


  7. We'll be gone to Orlando for Allyson's graduation for Memorial Day. I wanted to put up a post about all our family in the service, including Grandpa and Dad, your husband and all our cousins. I'm going to get pictures of my brother, brother-in-law and two nephews who are still serving. Can we do a duplicate family post. I'll need help since I'll be gone. I can try to get some of it done.

    You can delete this after you read it. I'm very proud of Grandpa and Dad especially…B
    UT I HAVE NO PICTURES *&^%#$%*&&(* Oops. Sorry. That was an anger burst. tee hee


  8. Melinda, you’ll be a great teacher, because there will be times (like the beans) where you’re learning with your girls. Congratulations on the decision…I would have loved to have home-schooled J and K…but back in the late 70s/early 80s Arkansas put parents in prison who tried to home-school. There are so many resources out there for you, and it will give you more time to enjoy your girls, because you’ll see what triggers excitement and enjoyment in them! 🙂 DB


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