My first UFO quilt

This is a story worth telling. You may or may not know that I lived with my parents for the 2001-2002 school year. I was finishing my college degree while Dale was in basic training and AIT for the Army.

While I was there, my momma introduced me to this wonderful new hobby she had started getting interested in. Quilting. She was part of a “message board,” and she watched this show ALL the time called “Simply Quilts.” Knowing that I was going to be moving halfway across the country, I joined the message board in order to keep in touch with her.

Oh, and then I asked her to teach me how to do this “quilting thing.” She gave me a magazine of some fairly easy quilt patterns, and told me to pick one. The one I picked is a variation of a buzz saw pattern, but still fairly simple. I decided to do it. I was going to use all sorts of star fabrics, and I was going to make it larger than queen size but smaller than king size.

To understand the rest of this story, you have to understand the basics of what is considered a “block” in this pattern. You sew three “strips” together, which is a unit. Then sew four units together to get your block. Depending on the colors you use and the placement of the colors, you will get your “saw” or in my case, “star.” In 2001, I sewed together 5 units, which made one block and one leftover unit.

And then it sat. And sat and sat and sat and sat. I still collected star fabrics for it. I still pulled it out and thought about it. I moved it from Arkansas to an apartment in Georgia to base housing in Georgia to Louisiana to a basement in Missouri, and then an apartment. And then I knew…. It was time to finish. While we were in our apartment, I pulled it back out, and I finished putting the top together.

I had to make some decisions though. I obviously didn’t want to complete a queen size quilt, so I didn’t. I obviously didn’t want to spend more time cutting fabrics that I probably wasn’t going to use, so I didn’t. I obviously didn’t want to put together any more blocks than I needed to, so … I didn’t. The lesson in this is to be happy with what you have done instead of trying to do more.

The result is that now, in my new house, after 7 different locations, I am now finished with the very first quilt I ever started. My first UFO (unfinished object for my non quilting friends).

First picture: I wanted to show some of the quilting off. Fairly simple and straightfoward. Lines and stars. Picture with the flash off. I can’t decide which shows the quilting better.

Remember I said that I was collecting star fabrics? I pieced them together, and used that as the back! 😀

And remember how I said I had leftover pieces to make into blocks? I pieced those together and used them as the binding! 😀 This picture also shows the strips, units, and one whole block. Interestingly, a block doesn’t have a “star” in it. It’s only when you put two blocks together that you get a “star.”

And TA-DA! The finished product! A nice, lap size quilt, perfect for snuggling under. And it’s DONE!

Momma would be so proud of me for finishing!

Hugs, Melinda

4 thoughts on “My first UFO quilt

  1. Way to go!! I hadn’t realized that quilting was something that your mom took up later in life and that she got you into it, too. That makes this an extra special project!


  2. I have aunts who have quilted all their lives. I’ve dabbled in it. I’m hoping my new friend, (Ally Jo) can teach me more of the basics!


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