Sweet Pea’s birthday was March 17th. She’s my “green” baby. The day started out reasonably well. She wanted a Barbie doll birthday cake. The plan was for me to make it while she was in school. Nonnie (grandma) was coming in that night, and the next day was the start of Spring Break.
I was excited, because I was going to use my momma’s “wonder mold” cake pan for the very first time. The short version is… I broke the cake. I could sit here and explain exactly what went wrong, but the main problem is I didn’t have enough patience. This first picture is the result.
Why would I show pictures that looked so bad? Just keeping it real, so that those of you who don’t know me IRL know that I’m human and I make mistakes, so you won’t be blown out of the water when I show you THIS picture!

The finished product came out so much better than the first attempt. It almost looked professional! LOL

Sweet Pea requested clover pancakes for her birthday dinner. Of course, being St. Patrick’s Day and all, they had to be green. I’ve made green milk before, but this day, we had lime flavored Kool-Aid instead.

The birthday girl with her birthday cake. She was decked out in green.

And Little Bit really wanted it to be her birthday, and her birthday cake. (She had on her green too.)

Nonnie made it safe and sound much to the relief of Little Bit. She loves her Nonnie.

Nonnie being who she is, she brought presents. This skirt was one of the first ones opened.

Cake was one of the very last things we did that night. This was after the wish was made.

One other thing that is important to note: I’ve been waiting patiently for my flowers to bloom. I planted a bed full of daffodils last fall. This was the very first one to bloom. Guess when that happened? March 17th of course. 😀 This is the “birthday flower,” now.

And that was our St. Patrick’s Day. The day after was “THE” shopping spree to end all shopping sprees. We had saved some money back from our tax refund. The deal with Sweet Pea was that she could use that money for a party or she could go on a shopping spree. She picked shopping. LOL

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