Ice Cream Social

**UPDATE** It is still NOT too late to enter. Just leave a comment and let me know you want to play. Also, be sure you leave some way to contact you so I can let you know your “flavor.”

**Update #2** If you haven’t heard from me about your ice cream flavor yet, then you should check this post. Chances are, I couldn’t let you know because I couldn’t find a way to contact you.

“I Scream, You Scream. We all Scream for Ice Cream.”

As you may or may not know, I’m the vice president for my quilting guild. The board has decided to have a quilt challenge, and guess who is in charge of it? 😀

So, here’s an idea: I’m going to have the same challenge here, only it will be online. If you are interested in this challenge, please leave a comment, and I will have Sweet Pea draw a flavor for you. You can either post your quilt on your own blog, or email me at mghollis 38 at msn dot com, and I’ll post it for you. Otherwise, the rules are as follows.

Executive Board Mid Year Challenge

Ice Cream Quilt Challenge Rules

We will draw for “flavors” starting on March 9th.

You may use the colors of your “flavor” plus an additional 2 colors of your choice. (This can include shades.)

The quilt may be any shape, but must be no more than 100” in circumference.

Only finished projects will be accepted.

Your ice cream quilt should include at least 2 “toppings” (i.e., embellishments.)

For the purpose of this contest, embellishments can be an altered fabric.

Please post your ice cream quilt by June 8th for judging. There will be a post on June 8th for you to leave a link to your photo.

Your quilt does not have to be ice-cream themed, but it will score brownie points with the judge if it is. (I like Ice Cream.) 😛

Relax, enjoy, and don’t stress over this. It’s supposed to be fun! Remember, stressed spelled backwards is desserts. 😀

Oh yeah. Since this is my online challenge and not the guild’s, I’m going to offer a small prize for the first place winner, say something like a gift certificate to an online quilt store? 😀 Have fun, and I’ll see you in June.




26 thoughts on “Ice Cream Social

  1. Melinda, it is 7:30 on March the 9th, so I’m thinking its too late for you to put my name in for Sweet Pea to give me a flavor but I’m interested in your challege. Do you see the quilt ahead of time? By the way, I like your blog and I really enjoy Beth Moore.


  2. I like the idea of this challenge. I think I’m up for it. I’ve recently decided to try embellishing my quilts, so the topping would be good. And drawing for a flavor might get me to use colors I don’t normally use. Count me in.


  3. Nancy W… No, it’s not too late. I’m expecting people to trickle in on my blog for a good week or so. My daughter will draw the “flavor” for you, I would let you know, and then you would have until June 8th to complete a quilt and post a picture. I would pick a winner on June 9th. Okay?


  4. i’m trusting judy so i’m in too! please tell sweet pea i dont like chocolate tho! oh-we arent’ gonna eat it. Well then chocolate is just fine.


  5. Hello, Are there any flavors left for late comers? I would love to be included.Deb missdebscomfortquilts at


  6. This sounds like fun. Actually, anything even remotely related to ice cream sounds like a good time. I’m up to the challenge if it’s not too late to get a flavor.


  7. Okay I’m in. Give me a big scoop but not chocolate, I gave that up for lent, or may give me a big scoop of chocolate by the time I’m done with my quilt Lent will be up.


  8. Hi Melinda:Darn, I found this too late (it’s 3/10 @ 6:28AM) to join in the collective fun.I’ll have a friend pull a flavor for me. . .then I can play along but it will be outside the group.What a clever idea.


  9. Hi! I would love to join your challengeif it’s not too late. Ice cream is my absoulte favorite food of all time. I regularly eat mass quanities…:) Thanks! Antonija from the MB


  10. Melinda, I’d like to give this a try. Looking forward to finding out my flavor! I’m hoping that google will automatically link you to my email. It usually does.


  11. Hi Melinda, I’m a beginner and if a small tablerunner or wall hanging would be OK, I’d like togive it a try. Don’t think I’m ready for largerprojects yet. Just have a home machine to try toquilt it on. If a small project is all right, send me a flavor.Sherry in NC


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