Kitchen Sewing

I wanted to show you the project I made today. This is for one of Little Bit’s friends. Little Bit is going to her birthday party tomorrow. (I also made one for Little Bit for Christmas.)

Somewhere during the Christmas holidays, I came across this tutorial for a kitchen playmat. I just knew I had to make at least one.

The little girl’s favorite colors are pink and purple (little girl… who would have guessed that?).

Doesn’t this look cute all rolled up?
When you unroll it, you get a kitchen. Complete with stove burners, sink, faucet, and water drops.

The stove knobs always looked funny to me, so I added the words “on” and “off” to kind of give it more definition.

Close up shot of the water drops.

Be careful. These burners are “HOT!”

I added the little girl’s favorite princess on the back. (Thank you to whoever invented fabric panels.)

And yet a different view of it.

I also added a one egg omlet pan, a plastic 1 cup measuring cup, a corelle bowl, and a pink rubber spatula. I hope the little girl gets as much fun out of it as Little Bit has.

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