"New" computer

One of the “perks” of my husband working in the IT field is that he has started a collection of computers. Last night, he was able to bring home a fairly decent computer, a desktop that has Windows Vista on it. I told him as long as he was able to transfer ALL of my work over from our laptop that has had a battery issue on it since July.

He agreed, so I’m trying to get used to this new computer. Really, I was fine with the old one. I just got frustrated with the battery.

But things aren’t right. It’s Vista, not XP. My pictures aren’t here. Office isn’t installed yet. The “type” on the screen is smaller and I can’t get it adjusted right. The keyboard is a bit smaller and I just pushed a button that I don’t know what it did.

So, while I’m grumbling, let me also state that I’ve been trying to host a ladies’ Bible study. We finished Week 2 before Christmas, and we were supposed to have week 3 today. But no one showed up.

I’m tired and grumpy from being sick all week.



2 thoughts on “"New" computer

  1. Found you through AllyJo. 🙂 Hope you are feeling better.I have a love/hate relationship with computers. I want them to do what I want and need without glitches, learning curves or blowing up. Thankfully none have blown up – yet. My husband assures me he can fix anything I mess up, but what if one day he can’t and the world implodes because I pushed the wrong button?!


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