What have I gotten myself into?

It started innocently enough. My dad needed help. He is trying to get a small business started. He makes photo cards out of his photography. He wanted a website for his customers to peruse his photography so they could pick the pictures they wanted on their cards.

Quite honestly, the website needed help. In an attempt to help, I logged on and was poking around. You know what I found? That I couldn’t use the current website he was on, because it was too stinking hard. I told Dale I needed something that was “dummy proof.” He pointed me in the direction of Office Live.

I can’t show you the results yet, because it’s still in progress. But to say I’m impressed with myself is an understatement.

So now, guess what? Dale wants me to update a website for one of the partner companies he works with.

I say again…… What have I gotten myself into??????



4 thoughts on “What have I gotten myself into?

  1. Maybe it’s spirit led. Maybe God is opening doors for a stay at home mom. đŸ™‚ Pray about it and follow His direction if He says it’s ok. You are smart and creative. I bet you would be good at it. Thanks for your note. Yesterday my first thought was I almost lost two parents to gun shots. My mom said she thought of Freddie too because she figured he is up there laughing at her, saying “she kicked butt”. Freddie would know…Mom’s a fighter. When he picked on her, she would fight back. *sigh* She loved him. I wish things could have been different.


  2. Just so you know, I am VERY IMPRESSED with it. I didn’t know you were doing it, and I asked Dad who he had gotten to help. It looks very professional. I thought he had hired someone professionally to redo the site.I’m very proud of you.


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