Congress is stupid

I’m sorry, it’s true. Congress as a whole is stupid and idiotic. Please let me explain the “economic collapse” from my viewpoint.

A whole bunch of banks ran out of money. Congress says, “We’ll help you by giving you more money. Only it’s not our money; it’s taxpayer money.” Well, the taxpayers got up in arms and said, “NO!” Then Congress said, “we’re not listening to you, the people who hired us.”

Then some car companies said, “hey, we’re running out of money, too. Can we get some of that?” Congress said, “No. You came here in a private jet and you waste a lot of money. No.” But the president says, “Okay, I’ll help you.”

Now, we have a President-elect who says, “our economy needs help. Let’s give EVERY one some money.”

Where is this money supposed to come from? You guessed it…. US. The taxpayer. We have to give ourselves money. We give banks and car companies our money, and Congress and presidents can’t figure out why we don’t have any thing left to give to the economy; why people aren’t buying anything. Guess what? You guys took it all.

Oh, and don’t forget. When these banks were asked where all that money was, they basically said, “We’re not telling you, we don’t have to and you can’t make us.”

Meanwhile, the cost of gas is going up AGAIN, and the Arab and middle-eastern countries who charge us an arm and a leg are making a HUGE profit off of us.

Do you really want to solve the job crisis, Congress? Allow us, AMERICANS, to build refineries on American soil. Allow us, AMERICANS to drill for OUR oil. (Did you know that America can’t drill for oil 100 miles off the US Coast, but China can drill only 50 miles off? That’s OUR oil they are drilling for.) Allow Americans to build oil wells and refineries, and you will create jobs, you will create financial independence, you will create energy independence, you will create a stronger economy.

Now……….. before anyone accuses me of not caring for the environment, I have to say, wait a minute. I do. Really, I do. But there comes a point where people need to take precedence over polar bears and moose. And also, I am all for alternative forms of energy. But is there any reason we can’t build the new refineries and develop alternatives at the same time? That’s just more jobs. That’s more energy independence. And if America develops a cheap alternative before some other country, hey, that’s gold, baby… gold. Other countries would depend on us instead of vice versa.

Okay, so I’m not going to take this blog in a political turn. I just needed to get some frustration out. I get tired of being an adult and having to worry about these things, but really, it seems so simple to me. Why can’t Congress figure this out?


P.S. How many more days until Mid-Term elections?


6 thoughts on “Congress is stupid

  1. Amen Sister. Someone who feels the way I do and not afraid to post a view contrary to the propular idealogy. I am sick and tired of this mess our supposed elected officals have gotten us into. I want my America back.


  2. I say fire them ALL. Republicans and Democrats (ok, maybe some Republicans can stay and conservative Democrats can stay)…maybe, maybe not. Why do people keep “hiring” the same losers? When a company is failing, they fire the CEO. They have ruined our country and keep giving themselves raises every year. I say their all jerks and cronies. I’m in a bad mood and don’t like anyone these days (except for family).


  3. Let’s not forget ANWR, sitting up here rich with oil and natural gas. And completely locked down by the environmentalists, who keep showing Americans pictures of mountain ranges and pristine lakes and brown bears frolicking in flowing rivers WHEN IT’S EMPTY FLAT TUNDRA ABOVE THE ARCTIC CIRCLE!To see Republicans and Democrats working together, look no further than Alaska, because even our most liberal politicians are pro-development of ANWR (unlike most Dems in D.C.)


  4. Amen. Goodness if a pro football team loses a few games they fire their coach, even is he is good and the players can’t get their acts together and play as a team. I say, let’s see all their fiscal affairs (personal and gov’t) disclosed so we know for sure who has their own act together and then we start fresh. If they have proven themselves to be fiscally responsible with their and our moneythen they stay. If not, then the get replaced by others who will.


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