Bling, the cat

One of the BIG events this holiday season was that TFF got a cat. Well, more precisely, a kitten. It’s a Russian Blue that she got from a cattery not too far from here. Her boyfriend’s son is allergic to some cats, and this breed is supposed to be hypoallergenic. Since he “didn’t like cats” but was willing to put up with one for her sake, he got to name the cat. They got him close to Christmas, so his name for some odd reason is …. Bling.

I have to say, I’m jealous. After all, I still miss my old cat, Norman. 😦 I had to leave him in Georgia, and I don’t think I’ve ever gotten over it.

Bling came for a visit to my house. Between the newness of being at my house, the 4 children chasing him, and the fact that he’s still a kitten, we wore him out. Which is good, because that was the only time I could get a GOOD picture of him.
Such a pretty kitty. TFF has been blessed.



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