Christmas Aprons

So, what kept me so busy during the holidays that I couldn’t take two minutes to blog about it? Simple. I was sewing. I decided that I was going to try to make as many presents as possible, using materials I already had on hand. It wasn’t easy, and I probably could have done better, but I am proud of what I did accomplish.

(Hey Marie and Sarah….. If you are reading this. Stop. Right now. Go on to the next post. Do not read any further. I’m warning you. Stop now.)

My realtor surprised me by giving us a house warming gift card. I used it to purchase this pattern and the brown fabric in the picture below. So my gift of choice became…. Aprons. Lots and lots of aprons.

I think by the time Christmas was over, I had made something along the lines of 5 aprons in these Christmas-y colors. 3 of them went to my guild’s auction in November, one went to Jenna, and one went to my neighbors. (Interestingly, I had purchased the fabric in 2006 when I was told a certain Wal-Mart was pulling the fabric department out. These fabrics were on sale for $.50 a yard. How could I resist????)
I had originally made the brown apron for myself, but my friend K fell in love with it, so it became her Christmas present. I have never worked with browns or directional fabrics before, so this was also a challenge to myself.
Somewhere along the way, I came across THIS blog post with this simple apron pattern. I simply had to try it.

So I made three for my sister. In coordinating colors of course. 😀

I didn’t like this fabric when I first saw it, but I think I fell in love with it while making these aprons.
Aren’t they just yummy!?
I might not ever have made a quilt with them, but it was perfect for aprons.

Of course, my step mother came for a visit this Christmas, too. So I had to make her one.
I love getting close ups of the fabric. I love seeing the weave in the purple.
It just all worked so well together.
Now….. Don’t tell my sisters in law, but that’s what they are getting for Christmas. I still have to make them, but I got some really cute …….. Marie, I said don’t read anymore.

I’d better not tell you. But I promise it’s REALLY cute, and I will post a picture. Promise. 😀

And that’s all I can type tonight. My hands are hurting me from all the typing, so I’d better stop for now… Have a good one.



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  1. Okay, now those are darling!!!! I really really love the plaid (I never would have done that but it’s such an obvious choice for an apron, so kitchen-y!). Beautiful job and beautiful model!! Thanks for trying my tutorial! 😀


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