Beginning Sewer

So this past weekend was the monthly Quiltathon over at Judy’s blog. I didn’t actually get a chance to “quilt” because besides taking care of a sick husband, I was also being a teacher this weekend. Sweet Pea made her very first pillow case.

She picked out the main fabric and I showed her which ones went with it. We did the cutting together, but she stitched it and ironed it all by herself.

Can you tell she’s proud?

Mommy did learn a very important lesson, the hard way. Never ever leave a 9 year old alone with a hot iron. Even if you think they are old enough, they really aren’t. Supervise, supervise, supervise. The good news is that Sweet Pea only had a small burn, and it’s already healed.


3 thoughts on “Beginning Sewer

  1. You tell her I’m proud of her too. I hope she makes many beautiful quilts in the future — just like her mom and grandma! Love the colors in that pillowcase too.


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