WFMW – Dustbuster

Oh, I can’t believe I almost forgot Works for Me Wednesday. I even really thought about it today.

What works for me is my Dust Buster. I use it to pick up the cereal my child just scattered all over the floor, or in the car, or at church, or…. (do you see a pattern here?) But the AMAZING thing I discovered today is that it also picks up cobwebs.

No, I don’t normally have cobwebs all over my house. However, we did just move into a house that had sat vacant for a year and a half. My dust buster gets in there and just sucks them right up. I don’t have to worry about. 😀

And that’s what Works For Me!


[Edited to Add — I just realized I missed WFMW altogether. I guess I’ll save this for next week. LOL]


4 thoughts on “WFMW – Dustbuster

  1. I don’t have a dust buster, but we have tons of cobwebs living in a previously vacant house as well. That’s a good idea.Come see Ally’s pic’s. Love you.


  2. I desperately need a DustBuster. We have central vac and I hate dragging the hose out for small jobs. Just today while dumping flour into a big bucket, I spilled some in the garage and was wishing I had a DustBuster.


  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! I too have a love affair with my dust buster. I do wish they lasted longer although admittedly I’m VERY hard on my dust buster. I’ve just asked for my 3rd replacement dust-buster for Christmas.


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