Sky pictures

So, I’m an amateur photographer. I won’t ever be a “professional,” but I do enjoy playing. And I enjoy looking at other peoples photographs for both learning and inspiration.

Somewhere along the way, I signed up for a newsletter called Photojojo. One of the recent editions was titled “Sky Play.” I was intrigued.

Did you know that you can capture clouds in a ketchup bottle and squeeze them out again when you need them?
Or, if you have a magical personality *cough, cough* you can zap things. I’m new to this, so my zapping finger is a bit weak and blurry.
Well, the left finger did a bit better. Believe it or not, this is a bit more difficult than it looks.
Oh, my right finger got into gear quite quickly. *Bing* I zapped good thoughts to my friend Sandi. (She lives that direction. Sort of.)
And we’ll keeping training this finger.

I’m finding that photography is about having fun with whatever subject you choose to shoot.



One thought on “Sky pictures

  1. You’re funny, Melinda! I would never have known what direction you live in! For one thing I’m awful with directions, and I also can never remember if KC or St. Louis is to our West…!


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