Works for Me: Moving

It’s been a while since I posted on WFMW. If you haven’t ever been to Shannon’s blog to read some of the myriad of tips, you ought to try it at least once.

I don’t have a lot of time today, but I thought I would post this one tip that is coming in very handy for us right now. And I’m actually shocked at how many people don’t know this, too.

We’re moving. Which means we need boxes. Lots and lots and lots of boxes. But we don’t go to a moving company and pay for boxes. We go to the grocery store. If you go at a time they are restocking (well, any time really), you can get OODLES of boxes for FREE! I recommend egg boxes and banana boxes, because they are the sturdiest. I don’t recommend granola bar and frito lay boxes (they are too small to be of much use to us).

The other thing that seems to be working effectively: I wasn’t sure that Little Bit was getting the concept of moving. We’ll give her a box and tell her to pack her toys. She seems to understand that. We do have to be careful that she doesn’t then UN-pack, but we’re working on it. 😀

Grocery Store = Free Boxes and that Works For Me!



3 thoughts on “Works for Me: Moving

  1. I always went to the liquor store. Their boxes are nice and thick. I had a lot of glassware to move once and many of their boxes have built-in dividers so nothing had to be wrapped.


  2. It is funny how “box-crazy” you get when you move. I actually picked up boxes on the side of the road one night while out for a walk. 🙂Another place for boxes is the pharmacy. They had some great medium-ish size boxes that were super.The only boxes we paid for were the wardrobe boxes (large box with closet rod in them).


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