The Upstairs bedroom (pt 2)

Remember these windows? Part of the charm, I think. I keep seeing low bookshelves, lots of pillows on the floor. Maybe a bean bag chair.
This is the view out of those windows. See in the back? See in the tree? A tree house AND a swing set. šŸ˜€ There’s not a ladder currently, but that’s okay. We want to make sure that everything is stable and secure before we let the girls go up there.

On to the problems. I didn’t get a good shot of these windows, but…… even though Sweet Pea wouldn’t go out here, I can see Little Bit following the inspector’s lead and heading out of this window.
There’s a problem with the chimney.
The attic space is right off of the upstairs bedroom and it has a leak. This could be the one thing that holds up and keeps us from being able to buy this house.

Well, if you can stand one more set of pictures…….. It’s time for the basement.