Sewing room ??

So there is a room right off of the kitchen. It appears to be an enclosed porch. It’s got the most windows of any room in the house, save the upstairs bedroom. It’s light blue and “airy.” I think it will work nicely for my sewing room.

This is the cabinet that’s in there. Lots of space for stash storage, don’t ya think? 😉
Isn’t it purdy?
Lots and lots of windows. Good for sewing by.
This looks like a good area for a design wall. Maybe. I sort of like those coat hooks on the wall, and that’s the back door to the right in this picture. I may leave it.

If I don’t use this for a sewing room, then one day, I want to re-wire it and plumb it for a laundry room.



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  1. How nice! I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I’ve been to your blog. Congratulations on the house. I know you and the entire family are thrilled! It looks like a fantastic place to call home!


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