Full bath and odd pictures

So I’m starting this batch with “odd” pictures. Like the inside of the hall closet. I’m not sure why, but I find this closet …. “odd.”
Then there’s the picture of Sweet Pea headed upstairs. We’ll follow her in a minute.
This is the full bathroom. Pink walls. That will be painted. Soon. Very soon.
I love it. It’s a semi-deep bathtub, with the perfect slope for my back. 😀 Bring on the bubbles.
And another “odd” picture. This is a very blurry closeup of the shower ….. what do you call it? The shower tiles? stones? lining? I wanted to make sure I had the colors, because it’s a very definite contrast to the pink. walls. that will be painted. very very soon.
If you’re still interested, I’ve got more. 😀