Boogeyman in the Basement

Last but not least, the basement.

The first time we went down these stairs, I got really nauseated and dizzy, and didn’t like the basement at all. The washer/dryer hookup is to the right of the stairs in this picture.
Even though it’s an older home with a stone foundation, it’s remarkably dry. Even so, there are plenty of shelves for storage.
More shelving.
And even more shelving.
There’s a mud room sink across from the washer area. It could be turned into a nice little laundry room with a bit of work. (Oh yeah….. to the right of this sink…. even MORE shelves.)

Well, that’s it. That’s the grand tour. Now we are into the “renegotiate” phase. If that all passes well, then we wait for loan approval (I think). We’re also trying to raise some money for an appraisal.

I’m excited. The biggest thing I see is all the potential this house has. It’s really nice now, but we can make it so much more. Ya know?

Well, it’s late. I better go. Have a good one!



2 thoughts on “Boogeyman in the Basement

  1. How exciting…It’s always fun to look through other people’s house. Hope all the negotiations go well and the nice thing about taking all these pictures is that if all goes well you will have something to look at when you are planning what goes where!


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