Notebook Experiments

HUGE WORD OF WARNING! PLEASE do not let a young child play with this unattended. I just found all the pieces all over the living room. I can only imagine what horror story this would be if she had swallowed a piece of magnet or a button. PLEASE learn from my mistake. Don’t let a young child play with this alone.

Like I said last week, if you haven’t seen Amy’s Notebook Entries, you really ought to take a look. She has a lot of neat stuff posted there.

Today, I’m trying another Notebook Experiment.

It’s taken from the 7.31.08 Notebook. This is Tic-Tac-Toe on the Go, originally taken from Scribbit’s blog.

Well, the first problem I had was the fact that we don’t eat Altoids. We do however eat Tootsie Rolls. And thankfully, Target usually has these “candies in a tin suitcase” in their dollar section.
I think the most fun for everyone was going through Mommy’s HUGE button supply to find the right buttons.
I got these magnetic strips at Wal—– (Well, I don’t go there very often, but JoAnn’s was closed at 7:15 this morning. Regardless, I got these strips for $0.77. Very cost efficient in my mind, despite the fact that I can’t stand that store and go there as little as possible.) And if you get these strips, make sure you don’t use your good scissors to cut them. The magnets will dull the blade if you aren’t careful.
Just a little white contact paper with the game board. And the buttons with the magnets on the back. Just an FYI: Make sure your buttons have one side that is reasonably flat and smooth for the magnets to stick on. And, it never hurts to let them pick their favorite colors for their buttons.
One more thing. I put the contact paper in the top, because this tin was a little deep to play the game in. However, make sure you take the buttons off of the top and put them in the box to store them. The lid won’t shut otherwise.

And here’s Little Bit playing with her new game. 3 year olds do not grasp the concept of tic tac toe, three in a row, so for her….. it’s just magnets and buttons. When Sweet Pea comes home from school, I’m sure she and I will play a few (hundred) rounds.
Now, can someone explain to me why I can’t even beat myself when I’m playing? I thought I even followed the rules.
Okay, I need to either go take a nap or get to work.



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  1. Oh, I am glad you found it and everything is ok!I loved that game- Scribbit is so inventive! That would be a fun one to do with my six year old.I am getting inspired all over again seeing everyone’s entries! Thank you so much for participating!


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