First day of school

You know, I never did get the obligatory first day of school picture posted.

Here are my girls. Sweet Pea is headed to her first day of fourth grade. Little Bit is going to the church pantry with Mom, thinking that is “school.” She felt she needed a backpack, too.
I don’t normally do matching shirts, because I remember how much I “loved” it as a girl, but this was too cute. 😀
You know Little Bit missed her Sissy when she found my camera and said, “Take pictures please.”
The thoughtful pose……….(notice the tounge)
And the…. “Okay, that’s enough, I’m going to run away and pretend to hide from the camera” pose. And the reason all these pictures are blurry is not because I’m a BAD photographer, but because my subject is never still.

Well, here’s hoping week 2 of school is a little easier than week 1.