Zebra Cake

I want to start this post by telling you about another wonderful resource I’ve found. Amy has a weekly feature called Amy’s Notebook where she collects all the interesting articles and ideas she’s found throughout the week (and probably month as well) and then posts links to them. I’ve found lots of great ideas this way. Our favorite so far has been Play Dough Cookies.

This past week, her notebook included a link to directions for a Zebra Cake. It sounded really interesting, so I checked it out. Especially considering the fact that I needed a cake for a church party we are headed to tonight. The following is my attempt at this looks hard but isn’t cake. 😀

First, gather everything you need. All of your ingredients……

You also need to gather all the utensils, measuring cups and spoons, bowls, and whatever other gear you need.
Don’t forget your two eager helpers……. (Which is why you get everything together before hand. Trust me on this.)
It also helps if you measure as many of the ingredients before hand as possible. Then you can say, “Sweet Pea, pour this in.”
And she does. While Little Bit sits and pretends to use the mixer.
Measuring ingredients over the bowl is not recommended. Neither is expecting the 3 year old to hold the measuring spoon still while you try to pour vanilla in it while also trying to take a picture of all this. Let’s just say this is a very vanilla-y cake batter.
The directions read to whisk…… It wasn’t working. We used the mixer. (Interesting side note: I don’t know if you can see her tounge. It’s sticking out just like I stick mine out when I’m involved in something.)
Still mixing the eggs and sugar together.
When you have your ingredients ready, even a 3 year old can pour them into a bowl.
And then she’ll play in the flour while you are putting the measuring cup in the sink.
Okay, so we are ready to divide our batter in half. In this picture, you see Sweet Pea trying to add the cocoa to one half of the batter, and Little Bit STILL playing in the ingredients. Don’t worry, she didn’t make too big of a mess.
Gotta give Sissy a turn at the mixer. (Thank you to who ever added the self timer on the camera!)
When you are done, you will have two very very VERY runny batters.
You just alternate them. A spoonful of white, a spoonful of chocolate in the middle of that. You keep adding layers in a bulls eye pattern.
Then you slide it in the oven and cook it.
My “helpers” really like this job. According to my mother, it is “the most important job in the kitchen.”

But really, they can have the beaters. That means I get to lick the bowl! 😀

I can also tell you something else. Don’t use a Pampered Chef pie plate for this recipe. I thought it would be a good idea, but the cake hasn’t cooked correctly. I can also tell you that I probably understand why it wasn’t such a good idea to use a mixer. I got WAY too much air in the cake.

I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to “fix” this, but I’ll come up with something. And there you have it…. Zebra Cake. 😀


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