Challenge Details

First, I would like to apologize for the blurriness. Sometimes I take a great picture, sometimes, I don’t.

So…………………………………………………………..Have to have at least one unidentified flying object……Or maybe two…….. (Don’t look, this one is actually pieced from two different versions.)

How about a third UFO? Wait a minute, the UFO has a UFO! An UnFinished Object, that is. 😀The rules state you have to have a recognizable piece of the challenge fabric in your quilt. I think this counts. It’s the inspiration for the whole piece in the first place.
But if that one doesn’t work, then this out to be a pretty recognizable piece.

On to my aliens. Aren’t they cute? This guy’s block started as “Road to Paradise,” but I couldn’t figure out that small a measurement, so it became “Shoo Fly.”
These guys are enjoying their vacation to the UFO capital of the world. (The road sign is actually a picture taken off the internet.)
This guy was working on a nine patch.
Poor alien kitty. He had way too many 4 patch blocks to choose from. He’s contemplating taking a nap on all of them.
And this guy took the rules seriously. He has a miniature “Arkansas Crossroads” block.
Oh, I got it. This is the ULTIMATE Quilter’s Retreat, right? 😀

And if you live in my area, or are coming for a visit (Judy), please don’t tell anyone you saw this. It’s supposed to be a secret until the September 8th guild meeting. I’m just so excited, I can’t keep it quiet. ROFLOL



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