Tighten the Tension!

The story behind this one is odd. Check out Close Encounterpanes for the pattern. But I saw it, bought the pattern and the fabric, and cut it all out. For some reason that is forgotten, I sent all the pieces to my mom, who put it all together except for the “little guy” and bought the shoes. Of course, when she died, I got most of her sewing stuff. This was in it. Yesterday, I finished the little guy and put it together. Done!I think it’s adorable. Alternate names suggested are “Hang in there,” and “He’s getting loose!” Personally, I like “Tighten the Tension” or “Hang on!”

This piece is almost done. The borders made it exactly 25×25.
I’m still having trouble with the sky. I thought about adding a cloud or 3 to define the “Cloud” part of the sky. This picture is my example. (They aren’t sewn on. I love my design wall.)
So, that’s what I’ve been doing lately. Keep watching for my very first UFO ever. It’s pieced, and I have a back. I just need to pin baste and quilt it.



3 thoughts on “Tighten the Tension!

  1. I miss your mom real bad tonight for some reason. I guess because August is coming and I absolutely hate the month of August. Dad died and it’s your mom’s birthday month. I’m in a bad mood and my head is killing me, otherwise I would be more cheerful about your pretties. I’ll come back when my eyes can focus.I love you.


  2. I love the Tighten the Tension (I also think a title could be “Wait for me!”). 🙂 How special that you have so many sewing and quilting projects connected to your mom — I imagine that completing them could help in your healing process as well — feeling a connection to her. I think it’s really neat!I like the second one, too — so colorful and creative!


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