Hot Dog Race Cars

Okay, if you don’t know about Works For Me Wednesday, yet, I’m here to tell ya… it is an absolute GREAT place to get all kinds of ideas and such. You really need to check it out. It’s so much fun. Thank you Shannon, for all of your hard work, and for making your blog such a fun place.

On to my own “great” idea for the week. I have a picky child. *GASP* She’s three and she loves cheese. When she wakes up, first thing she wants is cheese. When she’s “hungry ‘gain, Mama,” she wants cheese. This is my attempt to get her to eat OTHER THINGS, and yet have fun too.

You take a slice of cheese off those big blocks, take a hot dog, and a handful of toothpicks. Slice the hot dog into “wheel size” bites, and stick the toothpicks through like an axle.
Then you put your cheese block (that’s the body of the car) on top of your toothpick axles. You can also use half a hot dog as the body of the car and a mozzarella cheese stick as the wheels. In this picture, I used pieces of mozzarella as the road stripes. You can add a steering wheel if you want. I use the ends of the hot dog for that, because it has that tilt to it.
And eureka! You have hot dog race cars, guaranteed to charm even the pickiest eater. 😀 You can see the other “variety” in this picture.
And while I was taking pictures, I had another thought….. How would I get people on these cars? How about a half a grape topped by a whole grape? You do have to secure it by a toothpick, so it looks a little funky, but I still think it’s cute.
**Beep, beep** “Pardon me, but do you have any Grey Pou’pon?”

And please, I know that these foods are considered choking hazards for young children. I watch my Little Bit pretty closely when I give her this meal. My biggest problem with her so far has been the toothpicks. Please use your best judgment as a mother and in regards to giving this to your own children. If you don’t think you should give your child a hot dog race car, then please don’t.

For the record, Little Bit doesn’t eat much of the hot dog, but she does eat more than just cheese. 😉 So, that’s what works for me!


11 thoughts on “Hot Dog Race Cars

  1. Cute idea…how about veggies to dip into cheese dip? Make your own dip with grated cheese, a little milk, and seasonings if you wish (chili powder, cumin, paprika, garlic, jalapeno or green chili peppers.) Most little ones like chips and dip…make it more healthy by using veggies (carrot sticks or slices, broccoli…which many kiddos will call “trees,” celery, green or red bell peppers.) 🙂 db


  2. The AD chronicles are some of my favorite books ever! There in my top 10, especially the 2nd one. I gotta run. We’re leaving for camp today and I’m procrastinating.Love you. Please pray for me this week, as you know my health problems and I’ll be out in the heat with brats. It should be a blessed week. 🙂


  3. Melinda,What a wonderful and fun your are. I know your daughters must enjoy the surprises you have for them anyday. I love these treats/hot dog treat. I am going to have to make them for our Sunday Night Bible Study growth group. They would be age appropriate for the kids in it and they would love them! Thanks also for the ups on the books to read. I will look into them as aoon as I can. Hugs and Love,Auntie JilWe would all love to see you sometime. Morgan is here in July, the boys all live close. Be safe.


  4. What’s up sweet pea? Where you be? I miss you like crazy? I’m not going to make it to Kansas City in July as the brides mother passed away and the wedding was postponed. I will come soon though, and I want to visit the world war 1 museum and go junking. I have to eat bar-b-que too. I’ve never been there. 😉 love and hugs (((((((((((((((cousin squishies)))))))))))))))))


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