WFMW — Book Lover

Oh me, oh my. It’s been a while.

So, my family LOVES books. We read all the time. And unfortunately, we live around the corner from Barnes & Noble. Our ever shrinking budget didn’t like that so much.

What works for me is the LIBRARY. I know, I know…. it’s common sense, right? But for some reason it takes more effort to get in the car and drive a couple of miles than it does to walk around the corner and go browse.

You want to know what’s really awesome? The library gets NEW RELEASE books as well as the older ones. I have caught up on most of my wonderful series of books that I love and enjoy. Oh… And you can put books on hold for you as well.

The downside is that you don’t get to keep the books, but the plus side is that you don’t have to save up to by them, either. The library has movies and music you can check out as well. We’ve had so much fun.

The first Saturday we went, Sweet Pea got a total of 4 books. She had 3 of them read by Monday.

What works for me? The Library. 😀

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One thought on “WFMW — Book Lover

  1. We love the library, too. We make a weekly/bi-weekly trip…Caden picks out 10 books each time, and we read them many times during the week. They also have Story Time at our library for the kids their age, so we do that as well as play in the little kids’ section (they actually have some toys and stuff, too). We loooove the library!


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