My mom has been gone 2 years ago today. Sometimes, it feels like it’s only been 2 days. I miss her so much.

This is one of my favorite pictures of her. Teaching Sweet Pea (yes… Sweet Pea, not Little Bit) at such a young age to love fabric and quilting. One of my favorite memories is when she made Sweet Pea’s 3rd birthday cake and taught her the most important part of baking………. licking the beaters of the mixer.

This picture was taken the Christmas before she got sick. It’s all of the “Gardner” women. Dale was overseas. Sweet Pea and I made a special trip home.

I have more pictures, but they aren’t on my computer yet. Maybe, just maybe I’ll look through those today instead of sewing.

My mom was such a sweet person. She loved everyone, no matter what. My grand aspirations in life right now are showing my daughters the kind of love she had for me.

3 thoughts on “Momma

  1. Sending a big Hug your way today! It was clear in the quilting forum that you and your Mom had a special relationship. Our hearts all hurt for you both during the time of her illness. As a Mom myself – it is a pleasure to watch you continue to grow and evolve into a wonderful young woman and Mother… your Momma would be proud of you!Always, Cheryl


  2. I miss your mom! I happened onto your blog and check back occasionally to see what you’ve quilted…something I’m hoping to get back to this summer. I’m so glad you are passing on a tradition to your girls that will help tie them to their grandmother. Enjoyed seeing your sis and dad at the wedding in Memphis! 🙂 db


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