Vanishing Nine Patch (or why I don’t play politics)

I just finished a baby quilt. I don’t know if the correct name is Vanishing Nine Patch or Disappearing Nine Patch. I don’t know who the designer is either. All I can tell you is where I first saw it.

I actually had a friend who mentioned she saw this post on Sew, Mama, Sew! Then Gail made one. She did so well at explaining it, that I decided to make one too.

Here is my big helper holding up my version of the Disappearing 9 Patch. (I’ll explain the pink in a little bit.)
And the reverse side. I took the extra blocks and made a 9 patch of sorts on the back.
My children, especially Sweet Pea, are such camera hams. You see the face she’s making? I made that exact same face when I was her age. (Heaven help me.)
Sweet Pea also helped me make the label. šŸ˜€
Now, for the “rest of the story.” I started this quilt in January after learning that Dale’s boss was pregnant with a baby girl and on bed rest. I always feel bad for ladies on bed rest, because I get antsy and can’t sit still.

So I had this quilt mostly finished, and I learned that something like 4 of Dale’s cousins are pregnant or recently delivered. I had thought about giving this quilt to one of them, but still was wondering about boss lady.

Then Dale came home one night and said that the company he works for was hosting a baby shower for boss lady and lady he doesn’t like very much. Amber and I told him, as a guy he wasn’t expected to do as much as a female, so he could get away with a gift card for each of them.

At the same time, Sweet Pea has been in a service club at school (also a self esteem boosting club), where she had a teacher who was her “buddy.” The teacher has also recently had a baby girl. So, we as a family, decided that the teacher was as deserving as boss lady, and the quilt was given to her at the last meeting today. The cool part is, if we stay put for a year, Sweet Pea has a chance of having her as a teacher next year.

Try the vanishing 9 patch. It’s really easy.