Computer Problems

I am having some computer issues. I’m hoping that my IT husband will fix it this weekend, but there’s no guarantee. If I seem to disappear, that’s why.



6 thoughts on “Computer Problems

  1. Melinda,Your babies are growing up so fast and how pretty they are. I can hardly believe it. They look very happy and loved. Do you have any of the quilts you made on one of your entries? Love you and your family, Gods’ Blessings,Aunt Jil


  2. Don’t you have a birthday towards the end of May?I want to read Le Mis too. My kids have an abridged version which I thought about reading to save a trip to the library, but decided real quick not to do that. LOL I want to read the “real” thing. I can’t wait. I’ve had it on my list since high school.


  3. Love you. Miss you.Post something girly. What’s up? If you talk to Jill, please have her contact me. I don’t have her correct email or her phone. I want to talk to her about my health (back and heart). I think I have the same problems. I didn’t realize it was possibly genetic.


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