HQN, Part 2

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Okay, so it’s time for part two of the Heartland Quilt Network Meeting. I’m warning you again…. major picture-age.

The ladies at this booth are sisters Cathy Audley and Sue Chafee. They call themselves Sisterspeak, and they are just some of the lovliest ladies I have ever met. They offer postcard workshops, which are becoming one of the hottest trends in quilting.

They also offer workshops on machine quilting. Mainly bobbin thread work and trapunto. It also appears to be whole cloth quilts and is just fascinating to look at.
One interesting tidbit: the sister who focuses on these whole cloth quilts hides a secret message in her quilts.
I will say that if I recommended these ladies, I would recommend the machine quilting, because I know how to do the postcards, and I feel I could teach it pretty easily to my guild.

The next quilter is another technique teacher. Patti Buhler of Quilted Arts Studio teaches how to add color to your quilts after you have finished quilting them. She also has a few talks about longarm quilting. But see the cats in this following picture? They are stamped on there.
I don’t know if she did the cats in this batik, but I thought it was interesting.
See the flowers in this picture? Again… stamped. Or maybe inked with marker of some sort.
The leaves were stamped.
I’m not sure I would recommend this lady or not, but if you are interested in learning different techniques, I would say go for it.

The next lady, Betty Lenz specializes in Crazy Quilts. She was a very nice older lady. She said, “I like crazy quilts, because if you make a mistake, you can just slap a patch over it.” 🙂
Here’s a close up.This type of quilting doesn’t particularly appeal to me. I’m more interested in newer and different techniques. But I thought this would appeal to the ladies who hand quilt or applique or who just like the history.

Okay, are you ready for part 3? I promise it’s the last one.


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  1. I think we’re opposites. I like all the old stuff and don’t like the new stuff. Maybe it will grow on me. I’m CRAZY for crazy quilts. I know how to do all that stitching, but I don’t have fabrics to do one.


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