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Are you prepared for some major picture-age? (and yes, it is a word. Even if I made it up, picture-age is a word.)

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On April 5, while my quilting guild was at the annual retreat, I got to attend the annual meeting of the Heartland Quilt Network. This would be a guild for guilds, and is a fantastic way to see what other guilds are doing.

There are some quilting professionals who are also part of this network. They come, show some of their work, and talk about the types of lectures and workshops they present.

What follows is my brief synopsis of who I saw, what they teach, if I recommend them for my guild or not, and pictures. 😀 (I love pictures.)

The first lady is Marilynn Bilyeu. She designed these organizers, and wrote a book called Take-Along-Totes. You can make them for ANYTHING….


of course, quilting,

and even for children!

Needless to say, I was impressed with her work, and I am going to try to get her scheduled to come speak. I only hope that my guild would like this workshop.

The next quilter is actually a man. Bryan Grove lives on the prairie in Kansas. His focus is on the creative process. He teaches on reacting to the environment (in his case, the Kansas landscape) and using techniques you know in new and different ways. He loves experimenting with surface design and textures. This is another speaker I would love to have come to our guild.

I kept coming back to this lady. I was fascinated by Kathy Caswell. First off, she teaches you how to draft 7 pointed stars. Then she teaches you how to paper piece them without sewing through the paper.
Another workshop she does is applique puzzles, where you can make these fantastic fabric …. well, paintings, almost. I believe she said it’s a similar process to the 7 pointed stars.

She does lectures as well. This one is called “The Dysfunctional Quilter.”
I really enjoyed her work, and I hope to see her again. She does the type of work that makes me wish that professionals offered one on one lessons.

This was a fun one. This is a couple of gals, Angela Medows and Judy Lyon, who teamed up to form MeadowLyons Design. They are famous for continuous line quilting. Very unique. And their personality was great, too. I think my guild would like them.

This was another lady who I kept going back to her table. Mindy Smith does some fantastic work. She also focuses on the creative techniques. She also does free motion quilting, landscape quilting and journaling. If you ever get a chance to see her work in person, you will be amazed. (Yes, she’s a recommendation.)

Well, that’s it for part one of this post. Yes, there’s more. I told you it was major picture-age. 😀


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