Steel Magnolias

You know, I love my family. Thanks to my cousin, I had an itch to watch Steel Magnolias again. Let me tell ya now… Don’t watch it alone. I’ve cried more in the past hour than the past six months. It’s sort of a hard movie to watch when your dad has had a kidney transplant, and you watched your mom slip into a coma and then pass away.

But it was sort of therapeutic in a way as well. I guess if I’m ever asked to play the part of M’lynn, I’ll be ready, because, “Life goes on.”

Time for National Treasure. 🙂


One thought on “Steel Magnolias

  1. ((((hugs)))) I can only imagine how it could hurt. I miss Aunt She She and think of her everyday. Steel Magnolias is about life I think. Birth, marriage, children, death…it’s important to have friendships (and cousins) along lifes way to help carry the load. God bless you Sweet Melinda.


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