WFMW – Backwards

Okay, today is a backwards edition of Works For Me Wednesday. It’s where I ask a question, and you help me figure out the answer.

This is my problem. The love of my life and I will have been married for 11 years this coming Saturday. He is taking off a half day of work on Friday, and we are going to take our girls to the babysitter.

What do we do next? I know it sounds odd, but with him being in the Army for 5 years, with being having major financial troubles last year, we just haven’t ever really celebrated our anniversary.

We know that we want to go out to eat at the fancy restaurant inside the new Bass Pro Shop that just opened up. (It’s my gift to him.) And Saturday, we are getting family pictures made. (That’s his gift to me.)

But what do we do on Friday? He’s going to be off a whole half day, and I have no idea what we’re going to do. We live in Kansas City, so I thought, maybe we could go to the art museum without the children (he wrinkled his nose at that), or the zoo (too cold). Maybe we could just drive around and look at houses (gas is $3 a gallon).

So, what is your favorite anniversary memory? And what would you do to spend time with your honey that was fun for both of you and reasonably cheap to free? 😀


8 thoughts on “WFMW – Backwards

  1. My husband and I go to dinner, and maybe to a movie (if it’s at the cheap theater).We also go on walks along the romantic riverfront. It’s Spring already down here in the South, though, so that may not be an option for you.How about something silly, like miniature golf or lazer tag or going to an arcade? Those can be indoors to keep you warm.We also go to a bookstore to drink coffee (me) and read magazines I refuse to spend good money on (me) and read books (him). I comment on what I am reading, he reads and listens to my comments, and we sit and hang out together.Window shopping in a mall or in a department store (maybe in a furniture store so you can sit down, eh?) and talking about the stuff for sale and why you like it/don’t like it and “What I would buy if I had $10,000 to spend right now!” is fun. (Take a calculator and a pad of paper if you are going to be serious with that one.have fun!


  2. I like Krista’s ideas. It’s not warm enough for you to enjoy most of my past anniversary ideas. We often go to a bed and breakfast just for one night and then go hiking or fishing together, but our anniversary is in the summer.What about an indoor waterpark? Or even just going swimming together. Bundle up and go on a walk and stop at a coffee shop. What does he enjoy doing? I went ice fishing with my honey last year. THough it isn’t my favorite thing to do, we had a blast.Enjoy!


  3. I understand your dilemma. We celebrated our tenth anniversary last week and it took us a long time to figure out what we wanted to do with an entire weekend. We saw one movie and had one nice meal. For just half a day you could walk around the plaza for a while or hang out at Barnes and Noble. I think it’s a great idea for you to each pick something you’d like to do for a couple of hours and split up the time. Or, you could just stay home! I am sure you’d find something to do:)


  4. I know you will have fun with whatever you choose to do! Everyone had such great ideas!Do you guys have any pottery studios, or cheap theaters? I like the idea of walking the plaza. Maybe take a carriage ride. 😀 Just remember to relax and have fun!!!I love you!


  5. How about just go back home, feed each other jelly bellies and try to guess the flavor in the dark. LOL Yeah. That’s my idea of a good time.


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