I’m a mother. I’m allowed to panic.

So…. Little Bit took a tumble this evening. I’m normally pretty good about just saying, “you’re okay. Just shake it off.” Not tonight. Tonight, she had what appeared to be a river of blood flowing from her mouth.

I panicked. She needed comforting, and I was headed out the door to the hospital.

Thankfully, Little Bit has a daddy who can keep a calm head in a crisis. He insisted that we just needed to see where she was bleeding from and everything would be okay.

Of course, that meant temporarily stopping the river from flowing. Which in a crying 2 year old is easier said than done.

To make a long story short, she tripped over Daddy’s computer bag when she was running in the house (which is a no-no), busted her lip, got Mommy snuggles, and got to have ice cream BEFORE dinner. 😀

Like I said, I’m a mother. I’m allowed to panic. And to blog about it.

(I’ll post a picture of the swollen lip tomorrow. I’m sure it will be black and blue in the morning. It’s already looking puffy.)


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