Works For Me Wednesday

Wow, I haven’t done this in a LONG time, but when I pulled this “trick” out of my bag, I knew I had found the perfect tip to share.

My children are very creative. They like to paint and glue and make things and paint those things. By the way, did I mention they like to paint?

So, in the interest of saving the table, I pulled out a cheap vinyl tablecloth. But I was wondering how to keep it from slipping while 2 year old Little Bit was working. Because, you know, 2 year olds can keep still and all.

My solution? Bulldog clips. The BIG ones. 🙂 A picture to demonstrate.

The table is clean, and the clip kept the tablecloth on through 2 painting sessions!

For more Works for Me Wednesdays check out Don’t Try This At Home. Shannon is in Africa at the moment so WFMW is ‘on location’.


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