Finished Mug Mats

So, I finally got all my mug mats finished. I ended up with a total of 16, but only 13 are going to my guild’s auction. (This is an annual fundraiser, and apparently a pretty big one.)

I just love this chicken fabric with the red. And I love the effect that having a different the pocket fabric gives.

Here’s a different set. I don’t know, but I’m sure there’s at least one grandma in my guild with a grandson who will like Bob the Builder.

And here are the ones I made using the envelope technique put forth by Gail. (Thank you.) The biggest problem was that it wasn’t so easy to attach the pocket that way. I like the technique though. By the way…. there’s a pocket on this pattern, for those of you who didn’t catch that in the first post.

Oh, and here’s a UFO that I finished after I did all 16 mug mats. 🙂 That red paisley has always been a favorite fabric of mine.

Now, I thought I’d respond to a few of the comments left on the last post. You’ll have to forgive me for doing it this way, but I’ve been super busy lately.

Judy, yes, the satin stitch does seem to help it sit a bit flatter.

AllyJo, the directions for making postcards are here, but I’m going to try to send you one, too. And I’m glad you liked your package. 😀 Have fun.

Howdy, yes it is a lot of thread. But I have a different opinion on fabrics and thread then most people do. I am at the point where I absolutely can not buy anymore fabric or thread. I have no where to store it for one, and it’s not in my budget for two. The only option left is to use what I have, and to enjoy the process instead of hoarding it. (But it’s not much more work than a regular binding for me.)

Barb, thank you for the reminder. I know that. I think one day, I’m going to write it on my machine “can you see it from a galloping horse?” Maybe then I’ll remember that the quilt police are banned. LOL

I think that’s all I have to say today. I’m really getting into the swing of sewing again. It’s becoming theraputic. 😀



7 thoughts on “Finished Mug Mats

  1. Melinda,I think they turned absolutely PERFECT!!! I just LOVE them! Super job! I am also so thankful that you are back into quilting! I know how much hyou have missed it and how much you love it!HugsLaurie


  2. Those look FABULOUS! The chicken ones are the best. 😉 If you’re looking for more chicken fabric, let me know. 🙂The heart really does set off the paisley quite well.


  3. VERY Cute mats and yes I did miss the the pockets the first time around?? I know I need to have my glasses updated – I just didn’t realize how much I was missing! LOLIs there a pattern available? I think these would be a great gift for my granddaughter.


  4. Neat Melinda…I like the idea of the packets of hot choc and the spoons in the pockets, do you have a pattern, or would you want to do a tutorial on them?Your UFO is cute, paisleys are one of my favorites, so many possibilities with colors.


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