So, I’m working on this project. It’s called a mug mat. I’m making these for my guild’s auction coming up in February. I have made three this morning.
But I’m thinking that I don’t like the traditional binding. I can’t seem to get the size right. What do you think of the satin stitch on the right? I use this when I make postcards.
I don’t know. I know the traditional side of quilters will like the traditional bindings. Is it okay to break the “rules” when you just can’t seem to get it right?



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  1. Why not break the rules? I like the satin stitch too.I got a package from you but have been too sick to get online and thank you. I wish I had your phone number. You made me so happy.


  2. Those are cute mats! You did a really nice job on the satin stitch and yes you could easily go with that – but it’s a lot of work and lots of thread.If you did want to do the binding then I would suggest you use a bias binding – it has more stretch and it would lay a little smoother. Lastly – I would certainly consider ‘birthing’ my little mats (might be the same thing Gail is suggesting) – then with a stitched line around the edge it would give it the look of binding without the all the extra work of satin stitch or real binding.


  3. Hi Melinda ~ Your mats mean YOUR RULES…it looks fine with the satin stitch! I am not one that feels that quilting/stitching rules must be set in cement! If they look good to you then they are good! Barb


  4. You’ll laugh when you see the reason why I can’t use your tip right now. Ohhhh…guess what? I will be in Kansas City on July 19th, probably a few days before and after. Doesn’t that sound nice and hot? 🙂 Yea!


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