My Sewing Area

Okay, so you may or may not know that we’ve moved about 3 times since leaving base housing last August. So I went from a sewing room to a sewing area. Plus I’ve been battling major depression/hormonal issues that kept me from even unpacking some of my boxes.

This is my set of “before” pictures.

Help. I can’t find anything. I feel swallowed alive by junk.

You mean, I have to clean my sewing machine off everytime I sew?

Not to mention everything is spread out all everywhere.

So, what made things change? I’m not exactly sure. It may have been the recent Oprah episode on hoarders, and all the conversation around it. Or it may be that I’ve been getting better with my hormones and depression. It might be that I’ve been cleaning up other areas of our apartment.

But I’m going to credit my SIL Marie calling me. She asked me to bring my sewing machine when we come for Christmas. I decided that I needed to be able to FIND my machine in order to take it.

Plus, I decided that I feel better when I am sewing. I feel better when I am part of a guild. So, I decided that the rest of the apartment can wait. My sewing area and ME come now.

The “after” shots.

Look! I have a sewing machine! And a table! 😀

My completely clean and organized sewing area.

A better look at my fabric stash, and the containers holding my supplies

The big clear jar holds all of my buttons and the two packages of beads. I have a homemade ribbon holder. And the container next to the clear jar holds all 4 of my rotary cutters, all of my scissors, and the knitting needles I use as stilettos.

Here’s a few drawers in my supply cart. This one has rotary blades.

Machine needles, measuring tapes, parts for my sewing machine (ie, the feet), and my smaller rulers and supplies for paper piecing.

Oh, here’s where those drawers are. LOL I thought this picture was before the last two.

This is where I store my batting, and my projects I’m working on. (Current UFOs, not the ones that are still hiding.)

Well, that’s it. That’s the tour of my sewing area. 😀 I’m already so much happier. And I already have some plans for sewing. 🙂



12 thoughts on “My Sewing Area

  1. Melinda there is only one way to spell *AWESOME*…you did a wonderful job with your sewing area…WOW oh WOW, don’t you just want to spend ALL of your time in there now?? BRAVO for you!! I saw that Ophra show and that was definently an eye opener, and made me want to get busy on some areas ;>0, but I keep telling myself during Christmas break from the office ~ I WILL DO IT…and I too will be a brave person and post pics!! Perhaps it is a combo ~ your inspiration and you are feeling better about things! You really did yourself GOOD!! ((Hugs)) Barb


  2. I’ve really grown a lot, that people won’t know about or understand. I’ve learned alot about myself and about my childhood. So I made the decision to change.But I also don’t like to take credit. So I give credit to Marie. 🙂Hugs,Melinda


  3. The change looks fantastic! When my room is a mess (mostly it always is!), I find it so hard to get motivated. I even find it hard to want to come sew. I surely hope you can keep your room somewhat organized and you can find lots of motivation for sewing . . if that’s what makes you happy!


  4. This looks AMAZING Melinda!!! SUPER JOB!!! That is my goal after Christmas as well…MAJOR CLEAN the sewing room and reorganize the STASH!!! Thanks for the motivational push…now if I can just remember it in a week! ;oDHugsLaurie


  5. I’m so glad that this encouraged you to take some time for yourself! It’s hard with a household to run, I understand that, but I also understand that some form of sanity is also a must! I’m proud of you for organizing your space! It looks fabulous! Love you!PS-I hope you like the project we’ve chosen!


  6. Well done! Thanks for sharing it with me. I’m so proud of you! I’m of course loving the baskets in the drawers to establish some boundaries, very good! I want to wish you all the best in your future organizing endeavors, way to go!Laura


  7. I’m so with you. I have been feeling so blue and frustrated lately. We’ve moved twice in the past year and it’s really been hitting me lately how draining it has been to me. I never, ever, ever, ever, ever have time to myself. I never feel rested or relaxed. If I sit down, I am reading books for school. If I sit to sew, it’s to hurry and finish a promised gift. I really need to chill and do something for me. Sew for myself. Read a book I like, not just for the kids or classes I teach. I love to organize. I’m an obsessive compulsive tidy organizer and my house is a wreck right now. No wonder I’m half crazy. LOL It looks wonderful! You did a glorious job. I don’t have a sewing room either and have not been able to establish an area yet. I’ve realized the past month how much this disorganization is really getting to me. I’ve got all my fabric up in boxes in my closet, two out in the bedroom, two down stairs in the dining room. I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately. We were at Disney last week and I hope you can bring the girls some time. We’re an hour away. But I really want you to come and bring your sewing machine too, so we can do the crumb project over Don’t you think that would be fun to sew crumbs together. I’ve got traditionals and you have brights, I bet. I will be coming to Kansas City sometime this coming year for a wedding. I hope I can see you then. God bless you.


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