Michael W. Smith and Sugar Cookies

So, do you remember awhile back that I posted about getting a free Michael W. Smith CD? I got the CD, and finally got around to listening to it while doing something “Christmasy.” (We had already put our tree up, so that was out of the question.) My friend and her 2 kids came over, and we decorated sugar cookies.

The CD was not what I was expecting. I’m not sure what I was expecting, though. I guess I haven’t really listened to Michael’s newer stuff. I guess I wasn’t really expecting the grand music in the tradition of Handel’s Messiah, but more folksy music.

I mean, I forgot he played the piano! I’m sitting there, listening, waiting, thinking… where’s the singing? And it dawned on me, OH YEAH! Michael W. Smith plays the piano and there’s piano music, so that must be him playing. *duh* Not one of my brightest moments.

Well, at least the sugar cookies were yummy. :p Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures. But it was fun to spend time with my friend and to get to know her just that much better.

As for the CD, this might not have been what I was supposed to do, but since it was free to me, I wrapped it up as a present for the family we adopted at church. Now someone else can enjoy it, as well.