Holiday Decorations

Welcome to my home. I love the holidays, and for some reason, I got in the mood to decorate really early.

This picture is of a raffle quilt that I won while in the Pieceful Heart Quilters Guild of Augusta, GA. Isn’t it lovely? I’m so thankful that I had the chance to be part of such a fun group, and to learn so much. And I’m really thankful that I now have a place to display such lovely work.

Next on the list, the fireplace. What’s a family with 2 adorable girls to do when you don’t have a fireplace for Santa to come down? Why, you make your own, of course.

Seriously though… one year, we were in an apartment even smaller than our current one. It was a 3rd floor walkup and it was our first Christmas away from family. We were just barely making ends meet, and had NO room. So we got a 2 foot tree, and some foam sheets, and made our fireplace. It has been displayed every Christmas since. 🙂

This is my little Christmas village. See the poinsettias to the right? If you look to the left in the picture of the quilt, you’ll see them there as well. I don’t have a fancy curtain or drapes over my sliding glass door. I use flower garlands that I change throughout the seasons.

And here’s my collection of dancing and singing Christmas figures. 😀 They make me smile. 😀 And they are within perfect reach of Little Bit.

Sweet Pea has dubbed this the “kitchen cafe window.” Do you notice the irony in it? The Halloween candy bucket sitting underneath the Thanksgiving corn decoration surrounded by Christmas garland. To me, that’s just ironic beyond all get out.

Last but not least, our Christmas tree. What do I say about the Christmas tree? Do I point out how lopsided our decorations are? Or how they seem to be creeping higher and higher out of Little Bit’s reach?Or do I tell you about how both girls will stand beside the tree and sing “O Christmas Tree” in their sweet angelic voices?
Maybe I should point out Mrs. Claus who has been in my family for as long as I can remember.
And her husband, Mr. Claus, hanging right beside her. (Technically, he’s behind her because they wouldn’t hang right on the tree.)
And there’s the elf. Who has also been in the family for years.

Christmas means so much to me. It’s filled with traditions and family. I hope that each and everyone of you can find that meaning in your life. And if you don’t already know him, ask me about Jesus. After all, he truly is “the reason for the season.”

Happy Holidays.


6 thoughts on “Holiday Decorations

  1. Nice to see your holiday decorations! All mine are packed away in PODS and the one thing I thought I’d have available – may well be in a box left in the storage room the other day.I remember having a cardboard fireplace that we used for several years when the kids were little… good memories!Happy Holidays!


  2. I can’t wait to put up our Christmas decorations! Soon, and very soon! Maybe today?!I think it all looks great! What a great idea for a fireplace! I might have to borrow that idea from you!love you


  3. What I find interesting is your shadow box over your cafe window…just where grandma kept hers. Shoot. I keep forgetting to collect my rockin’ girl button. Tim is coming home so I think we’ll decorate this weekend. I can’t wait. I’ve really flaked out the past couple of years and this year, I’m determined to make our house beautiful again.


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